Vendor Signup

Thank you for expressing interest in signing up as a vendor.

First setup would be to complete the “Vendor Registration” Form

Please note your username and store name is the same and it will not be able to be changed after registration.

Once your completed the registration form, you will be taken to you Dashboard with the following message.

“Congratulations! You have successfully applied as a Vendor. Please wait for further notifications from the admin.”

The link to the store dashboard will be

Our Administrators will a receive the notification of your Vendor application and they will check and approve it.

Upon approval you will be able to access all features in your dashboard.

Setup of storefront

First upload a Cover photo (1200 X 390) and Store Logo (100 x 100) under Storefront and confirm that all the details are correct.

Another important area is under Policies.  Add your shops Shipping Policy, Refund Policy, Cancellation/Return/Exchange Policy for your products.

The following area you will have to complete is Shipping for all the different shipping zones that your products will be shipped to.
After adding the different shipping zones, you need to specify shipping costs for each zone.  You can choose between Flat rate, Free shipping or Local Pickup.  Once shipping method has been added, edited it to specify the shipping cost in Euro and other options.

Its preferable that all shipping costs needs to be added before you start adding your products. 

You can start adding your products under Product Manager.

Please note at this stage all prices on this site is in Euro.